When Hershey came to us, they presented our team with a big problem: TAKE5 candy bars weren’t selling. Research showed that the bars were just too hard to find for consumers. The delicious bar needed a makeover, and quick. After remixing the brand with a more distinct look and feel, we translated our work to social media.  


Nick Kroll Sweepstakes - Surprise and Delight + Community Management

The Nick Kroll #Sponsored sweepstakes provided 50 TAKE5 fans with the opportunity of a lifetime. Upon entry and selection, winners would receive a #Sponsored tee, $5, a collectible box and their own TAKE5 candy bar sign by Nick Kroll himself. 

In addition to fulfilling this sweepstakes, I was responsible for vetting their Instagram influencers and fulfilling their monthly subscription plan to help support all other activations.