You know Wendy’s for their sassy (and occasionally savage) tweets but did you know they have a presence on other channels? Welp, if you don’t know, now you know. 

I’m lucky enough to be an extension of the Twitter voice through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Wattpad. Every day is something new and you just never really know what to expect when you’re at the pinnacle of internet culture. Below are just a few things I’ve been involved in.


Keeping Fortnite Fresh - Community Management + Gameplay

Epic Games literally changed the esports world when they released their cross-platform game, Fortnite in July 2017. Within two weeks of their launch, they claimed 10 million players. The game is now closing in on 250 million registered players after breaking a record with 8.3 million concurrent players. Fortnite has appealed to the likes of those who wouldn’t consider themselves ‘gamers’ like hip-hop artists Drake, Chance the Rapper, Travis $cott and athletes like Paul George, Gordon Hayward and Joel Embiid.

In November 2018, they released a limited time mode Food Fight pitting Team Pizza against Team Burger. With a strong passion to end frozen beef, Wendy’s declared allegiance to Team Pizza for the day. We landed in Retail Row and destroyed Durrr Burger (an in-game burger restaurant with freezers) over and over again.

People noticed. They stopped playing the game to help us wage war on frozen beef. We gained 7,453 followers and became a verified Twitch partner all in one day’s work. I was responsible for responding to users in our Twitch chat and co-playing during the stream (even secured a Victory Royale).

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NFL Coverage Kelvin Benjamin - Community Management

Once a first-round draft pick, NFL Wide Receiver, Kelvin Benjamin comments trashing Cam Newton lead to his signing with the Buffalo Bills after four seasons in Carolina. After a less than spectacular season in Buffalo, reeling in 23 catches for 354 yards and 1 touchdown, Benjamin was waived on December 4, 2018.

Upon being released, the NFL Instagram account posted an update and fans were raiding the post with comments on his physique and ability to play in the league.

As a QSR brand, Wendy’s doesn’t really have an authority unless roped into the conversation. One fan posted “Breaking news @wendys signs Kelvin Benjamin”. Knowing Benjamin hasn’t played well since the 2016 season, we simple responded, “nah”.

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National Roast Day - Copywriting + Community Management

Remember that one dude who forgot refrigerators were a thing? Well, that started what we now call #NationalRoastDay. A day where we get on Twitter and roast anyone who hit us up.

This year we saw over 10,000 Roast Day mentions, an 727% mention of the brand overall and nearly 44,000 new followers. I was tasked with helping write responses and manage the community.

Want to be roasted? Mark your calendar for January 4th. We’ll get the grill started.

Sample Responses:

Welp Got ‘em Roasted Toasted LOL HaHa Boom What Mixtape HeHe ;) Yikes

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